We are proud to present our new website in English, for our English speaking visitors.

In 2017 we have planned three Tours for our foreign travelers – Mallorca (Spain) in April, Bella Italia (Italy) in May/June and The Alpes in August – and we sincerely hope that you will join one of these Tours and have fun and excitement on the bike with us and the other guests for a week.

Mallorca is the easiest one of the three Tours with about 630 km (400 miles) and 8.000 hm (26.000 feet) planned for the week. But as we are staying on the same hotel the whole week you can always take a day off or ride on your own if necessary.

Bella Italia in May/June is planned with 600-650 km (375-410 miles) and 10.000 hm (33.000 feet) during the 6 days on the bike.

The Alpes is the toughest of the three Tours and on the 6 rides you will cycle 600 km (350 miles) and 14.000 hm (45.000 feet).

We will promise to do everything we can to make your wildest dreams of the high peaks come true!

On our bike tours, you only need to concentrate on pushing the pedals - the rest is up to us to organize. We promise you a fantastic week with super hotels, wonderful food, great views, tough challenges and top moments with a great group!!

Take a look at the Tours and write to us under "contact" if you have questions or if you want to know if we have a spot for you ... you can also visit our site on Facebook (Dan Frost Cycling)

Have a look at this little inspirational video from our beautiful Mallorca spring tour in 2014:



Many greetings

Isabelle & Dan Frost

2017 Kalender